Pickled Zebra

Boobushka – $80
Ou maybe another color?

She shines like dewy skin on a sunny day. She’s a zebra moment, gone full sour but she’s ready to make any outfit sweet. 

Tell me more
  • VV rare limited drop
  • 100% Siiiillllkkk
  • Dry clean only bb
  • 25 1/2" by 25 1/2"
  • Oh so she’s versatile?

Ugh this would be fab with...

Boobie x Cirque ColorsBoobie x Cirque Colors

Boobie x Cirque Colors

Nail Wrap – $15
Cow CowCow Cow

Cow Cow

Boobie Bag – $270
Boobie's ToothBoobie's Tooth

Boobie's Tooth

Boobie Bag – $270


Boobie Bag – $270