Hello my gorgina angel bb

Meet the Boobie Starter Pack

Two iconic pieces designed to make you feel like the queen bb you are.

The Boobie Bag

Pickled Zebra

Spotted through the tall grass: she’s a zebra moment gone full sour.

Boobie's Tooth

She’s ginghams successful older sister, here to help you take over the world.

Cow Cow

She's self-aware, she's easy-going, she's a whole mooooood.


Is she a carb? Who cares, bb. She’s fabulous.

Literally gorgina

Let's have fun bbs

Boobie Starter PackBoobie Starter Pack
On sale

Boobie Starter Pack

Holiday Set – $320 $365
A Card From BoobieA Card From Boobie

A Card From Boobie

Personalized Message – $30
Silky AngelSilky Angel
On sale

Silky Angel

Holiday Set – $80 $95
Boobie CardsBoobie Cards

Boobie Cards

Holiday Set – $30
Holiday Nail FunHoliday Nail Fun
On sale

Holiday Nail Fun

Set of 4 – $50 $60
Boobie x Cirque ColorsBoobie x Cirque Colors

Boobie x Cirque Colors

Nail Wrap – $15
Cow CowCow Cow

Cow Cow

Boobie Bag – $270
Cow CowCow Cow

Cow Cow

Boobushka – $80